Porterville Ranch

Min. Investment$25,000
Target IRR8.90%
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AcreTrader is an investing platform that makes it easy to buy shares of farmland and earn passive income through one of the fastest-growing asset classes available. The platform features actual parcels of farmland where investors can choose offerings to participate in based on their investment preferences.

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15.4% - 30.3%
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Porterville Ranch is a 110 acre citrus and pistachio property in Tulare County, California in a region known as the citrus belt of the San Joaquin Valley.


Min. Investment$25,000
Target IRR8.90%
Target Return9%
Property TypeFarmland
Target Hold Period8 - 13 years
Target Cash Yield4.7%
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Benzinga's Take

The orchard’s 97 planted acres host several popular varieties of both citrus and tree nuts. This array of varieties offers important market diversification, especially given that pistachios are primarily exported, while citrus is consumed domestically.

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What is target cash yield?

Target Cash Yield is 4.7%.

What is the minimum investment amount?

Min. Investment is $25,000.