Petalfast Cannabis Agency Partners with Nabis to Exclusively Service Its Portfolio of Brands

Petalfast Cannabis Agency Partners with Nabis to Exclusively Service Its Portfolio of Brands

Petalfast, the first-of-its-kind full-spectrum sales and marketing agency for the cannabis industry, announced on Tuesday that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with licensed cannabis wholesaling platform, Nabis, the leading licensed cannabis wholesaling platform that supplies the entire network of California dispensaries with cannabis products

Why It Matters

The partnership will advance Petalfast's entire portfolio of brands, manufacturers and cultivation partners by providing access to Nabis' statewide network and technology tools including Marketplace, Nabis Capital, Nabis Analytics via the company's cutting-edge technology that supports cannabis wholesaling between brands and retailers.

"The partnership with Petalfast is highly synergistic," said Vince Ning, software engineer, co-founder and CEO of Nabis. "By working together, we're creating an even more complete platform for cannabis brands and retailers to grow their business."

The complete platform from which Petalfast will benefit also includes low-cost financing, efficient order management and sophisticated data analytics, allowing the company to scale more effectively.

Launched in Sept. 2020 with the acquisition of A.P. Keaton's cannabis marketing business, Petalfast saw itself as a go-to-market accelerator available to a limited selection of high-potential brands and ongoing agency services.

"We built Petalfast to develop and scale cannabis brands by providing them robust sales and marketing expertise within a portfolio approach," said Jason Vegotsky, CEO of Petalfast. "By partnering with Nabis, we continue to enrich our offerings with a robust infrastructure to ensure the California cannabis ecosystem can continue to flourish. We are brand builders and through this partnership, we will provide our brands the best-in-class platform to scale and drive continued growth."

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