Sports Startups With Crowdfunding Campaigns Worth Checking Out This Week

Sports investments can be lucrative if you calculate the risks and rewards carefully. Here are five sports startup crowdfunding campaigns (view more startup investments) you may want to check out:


GRIT BXNG aims to change the fitness industry by offering clients an at-home experience unlike any other solution available on the market today.

The company: GRIT, with established experience in the fitness sector, is a company led by renowned leaders and successful entrepreneurs and is following in the footsteps of others in the field to learn from them while also allowing private investors to establish a claim at this early stage.

The startup provides an opportunity to invest in a digital at-home exercise experience product — GRIT EPIQ, an all-in-one, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered at-home workout technology created by the inventor of the Peloton bike.

Investment highlights: GRIT EPIQ is a comprehensive gym unlike anything else on the market. It is the first of its type to include AI with smart weights, smart knuckles and a smart mirror.

The company offers individual investors the chance to get in on the ground floor of the fast-rising online and connected fitness market with an early-stage investment. GRIT's founders include celebrities and well-known investors, with Tony Robbins, Pitbull and Naveen Jain among the notable stockholders. The minimum investment required to join the GRIT opportunity is $297 on Republic. 

American Flag Football League

The American Flag Football League (AFFL) intends to establish a business model based on one of America's fastest-growing team sports. Flag football now has more participants than lacrosse, ice hockey and rugby combined, yet it lacks the aspirational league found in other sports. Here's where AFFL comes into play.

The company: The AFFL is not attempting to replace tackle football, but it is identifying emerging patterns and taking advantage of the chance to build a company that leverages the expanding involvement across several segments: amateurs to pros, youth to adults, men to women.

The startup aims to take the league to the next level after three seasons that attracted more than 7,000 players. Being an investor in the AFFL entails having various revenue streams, including ticket sales, media, merchandise, licensing, sponsorship, participation fees and team sales.

Investment highlights: The AFFL has more than 10,000 registrants so far — an increase of three times in 2021.

There are 7 million flag football players in the United States, outnumbering tackle football by 1.5 million, with flag football participation being 25% higher than ice hockey, lacrosse and rugby combined.

During Facebook Live broadcasts of the 2019 final games, the main social broadcast channel had over 1.7 million views, with participants including former National Football League players Michael Vick, Terrell Owens, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, Danny Wuerffel and Michael Griffin; and former National Basketball association players Nate Robinson and Carlos Boozer. The startup requires a minimum investment of $500 on SeedInvest. 


Alpine-X's goal is to create indoor snow sports resorts that offer an authentic alpine experience to everyone from novices to elite skiers and snowboarders — all while keeping participation inclusive, accessible, convenient and affordable.

The company: Alpine-X's objective is to bring the mountain to people while providing a fun, safe, reliable and healthy entertainment experience.

Guests can have a great day on the slopes, playing in the snow, visiting the adventure center or enjoying a craft brew at the base of the mountain. Overall, the company aims to offer year-round recreation, including competitive skiing and snowboarding in perfect conditions, snow play zones and a variety of other activities.

Alpine-X aspires to build financially and environmentally sustainable properties through innovative land use and architecture, engagement with local organizations and a strong sense of environmental responsibility.

Investment highlights: Alpine-X's first location in the Washington, D.C., area is Fairfax Peak, a $200 million resort intended to attract more than 750,000 tourists per year.

Through public-private cooperation, the company plans to develop a 200-acre site and offer a highly repeatable experience that caters to a well-established demand for high-quality family and group entertainment. In addition, Alpine-X intends to work with established mountain resorts as a feeder and offers additional local attractions to help drive growth.

Overall, Alpine-X aspires to change the way people get access to skiing and snowboarding. The startup has been featured in major publications like Forbes, Washington Business Journal and SKI. The minimum investment needed to join the venture's members is $100 on Republic.


By creating an online learning ecosystem, SportsEdTV wants to make it possible for everyone to learn how to play sports from world-class teachers.

The company: SportsEdTV is an online platform designed to help people improve their athletic abilities at home. Players, coaches and parents worldwide can access the company's free video and blog content from any internet-connected device.

World-class coaches and athletes — many of whom have coached world champions — provide advice via videos and blogs. In addition, the sports platform can also help people connect with other athletes, parents and coaches who are on the same path to bettering themselves.

Investment highlights: To ensure users have a comprehensive experience, SportsEdTV has integrated three pillars people need to improve all under one virtual roof.

The first pillar is the video and blog content. The second is MYSportsEdTV, which allows athletes, parents and coaches to interact, connect and make new friends. Finally, there's SportsEdTV DISCOVER, a resource marketplace and user-generated content library where visitors and members can find coaches and facilities near or far where they may practice and play.

So far, SportsEdTV has signed contracts with 250 renowned coaches and contributors to the platform. The minimum investment required to join the campaign is $102.30 on StartEngine.


Through mobility and technology, Dryvebox hopes to make golf more accessible, less expensive and more enjoyable for everyone, not just a select few.

The company: Dryvebox's patented mobile golf simulators are changing the way people play golf as the company plans to expand the game across the board, beginning with traditional golf barriers.

The startup has designed and patented a solar-powered trailer with cutting-edge simulator technology, making golf more affordable, available year-round, judgment-free and accessible to everyone.

The company appeals to both avid golfers and those interested learning the sport through a high-quality experience with reasonable pricing. Lessons for all levels and group and team events are available. 

Investment Highlights: Dryvebox already offers lessons, private practice or play and tournaments, bringing these experiences to individuals and places that traditional golf and other suppliers can't.

Since it was founded in the Bay Area, the startup has established a market-leading mobile golf experience and received a flood of requests to distribute its trailers worldwide and is expanding rapidly. Dryvebox has already established itself in other important cities like Los Angeles, New York City and Boston.

In addition, the company was an official on-course vendor at The Olympic Club 2021 for the 76th U.S. Women's Open. The minimum investment required is $500 on Republic.

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