NFLX And Chill With These 8 Wall Street Shows And Movies

Investors and traders who dread the weekend because the U.S. stock market is closed could find some satisfaction in catching up on the following movies and TV shows available on
Netflix, Inc.NFLX

1. 'White Collar'

This TV show follows an unfortunate recurring theme on Wall Street, white collar crime. The series focuses on a white collar criminal who agrees to help the FBI investigate and track other white collar criminals using his own expert experience.

2. 'The Big Short'

Christian Bale, Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt highlight the star-powered flick that follows hedge funds and investors as they look to profit from the 2007–2008 financial collapse. The film is based on the book of the similar name.

3. 'The Office'

Yes, the ultra-popular comedy has nothing to do with Wall Street per se, but the fictional company portrayed in the series, Dunder Mifflin, is a publicly traded NYSE-listed stock. Check out episode 11 of the sixth season when the lead character Michael Scott travels to New York City to speak at the company's annual general meeting.

4. 'Mad Men'

CNBC said even though the hit show follows the advertising industry, it "has the feel of a Wall Street work environment," including drinking with clients, high-stress and backstabbing.

5. 'Waffle Street'

This 2015 comedy is a classic riches-to-rags story. A hot shot Wall Street hedge fund manager loses his job and finds a new sense of purpose working at a 24-hour diner.

6. 'Money For Nothing'

Take a closer look at the financial crisis and what role the Federal Reserve played in contributing to the economic meltdown.

7. 'Requiem For The American Dream'

Noam Chomsky explains how the majority of America's wealth and influence is held by a select group of elites.

8. 'Street Food Around The World'

Another entry in the not-strictly-Wall-Street-related category, but follow host Ishai Golan as he explores what Wall Street bankers may eat when pressed for time.

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