Best Cryptocurrency Scanners

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Updated: January 30, 2023

Want to jump straight to the best crypto scanners? Some of the best places to track cryptocurrency are, Tradingview and Altrady.

With lots of rumbling and uncertainty rocking the crypto market, there’s no better time to get the help of a crypto market scanner than now. But if you’re a rookie, the first few months of buying and selling cryptos on an exchange can be a struggle. You must manually analyze price movements and sacrifice a lot of time understanding markets.

Fortunately, you no longer have to spend time trying to figure out the perfect time to make a trade. A cryptocurrency market scanner can help spot activity and movement across crypto exchanges, notifying you of certain price movements so you can trade accordingly. Learn more about crypto scanners with our guide.

Quick Look: The Best Crypto Scanners

Best Crypto Scanners Right Now

It’s now easier than ever to incorporate crypto scanners in your strategy and make informed trading decisions. Here are some of best crypto scanners available right now.


Powerful enough for advanced traders and intuitive enough for beginners, TradingView boasts stellar charting tools you can use to share and view trading ideas. Its real-time data and browser-based charts allow you to do your research from anywhere — no complex installations or setups are needed. From looking up the latest prices to analyzing complex price patterns, TradingView has got your back.

The platform comes with hundreds of pre-built studies, more than 50 intelligent drawing tools and a handful of tools for in-depth market analysis. Trading alerts couldn’t get any more flexible, powerful and easy to use. Cloud-based, available on any device and powered by Pine Script programming language, you’ll never miss a trade.

Also, The TradingView platform is reliably connected to hundreds of data feeds with unfiltered access to almost any cryptos in existence including all the major ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Add professional news and financial data to the mix and you have a behemoth of coverage not available on any other platform.

Honorable Mention: SwapZone's Exchange Aggregator

While not being a crypto screener, SwapZone is a crucial tool for any serious cryptocurrency trader. It’s important to keep in mind that when you trade cryptocurrency on an exchange, you’re forced to trade solely on the order books that the exchange uses, whether that’s Coinbase, eToro, Binance or others. If you want to get the best prices across all exchanges, you’ll need to use an exchange aggregator. SwapZone is a great aggregator that compiles 15+ exchanges and 700+ digital assets into one easy-to-use platform. All trades on the platform are custody-free with no registration needed.

If you aren't looking to manage several accounts for investing, trading, earning interest and tracking cryptocurrencies, then is the application for you. Not only can you track hundreds of cryptocurrency price movements and price targets directly on the app, but you can also trade on its full-featured exchange. The exchange charges competitive fees, and you'll be saving money on trades compared to Coinbase or other popular exchanges. also offers interest-bearing accounts to its users. Interest bearing accounts let you accumulate more cryptocurrency tokens over time, and the rates on beat out any traditional bank's interest rates by a large margin. Open an account with today and you can start earning up to 14% interest on stablecoins pegged to the U.S dollar, and up to 8% APR on other cryptocurrencies.


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Within altFINS lies several educational tools that will make it much easier to learn about cryptocurrency trading and building a portfolio. However, there’s more that you can use to improve your investments.

altFINS offers screeners that you can leave open simultaneously. Also, You may receive Twitter alerts because most trending news in the industry breaks on social media first. In addition, you can create watchlists that allow you to know what is breaking on the market, when your preferred tokens are moving and which you might want to buy or sell.

Subscribe today for the Basic, Essential, Premium or Bundle levels starting as low as $20 per month. Plus, you can learn how to use these scanners more effectively in the future if you sign up for the education and premium bundle to take the online trading course.


InvestorsObserver makes it easy to analyze and find crypto that matches your trading strategy. With easy-to-understand scoring analysis on over 5,000 cryptocurrencies, IO allows you to intuitively assess the risk of each crypto. Risk-seeking traders can find highly volatile stocks by analyzing unstable cryptos. Conversely, you can opt for stable cryptos to see the lowest volatility ranked assets and volume changes hourly, daily, and weekly.


Altrady saves you much time with a simplified platform that not only lets you screen digital assets but also trade them on all exchanges. You’ll never miss a trade thanks to the platform’s real-time market data. This data provides real time updates of prices, trades and order book.

To minimize your risk, Altrady also provides trading analytics to provide insight on your crypto trading performance and help you make better trading decisions. This all-in-one platform lets you trade, monitor markets and manage assets across various exchanges. You can also use Altrady’s portfolio manager to monitor the growth of assets you hold in different exchange wallets.

Altrady’s base scanning tool makes finding profitable entry points in the crypto market easier. Its unique algorithms will do spot any price drops below the base 24/7. Just wait for alerts on your desktop/mobile screen so you can buy low or sell at the right time.

Altrady offers a no obligation, 14-day free trial subscription, after which you can enroll into any of its 3 plans: its Basic plan at $17.64 per month, the Essential plan at $35.34 per month and a Premium plan at $53.04 per month.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro

Cointelegraph Markets Pro is a platform designed for you to find cryptocurrency information and trade at your leisure. Additionally, the intuitive interface is perfect for both retail and professional traders.

With top-notch token analysis, a Discord server filled with a friendly and informative community, a scoring tool and the ability to gauge Twitter sentiment, you can learn a lot about a cryptocurrency during your research.

For only $99 per month, you can look into any asset you want. Switch over to the mobile app and use the proprietary system to learn which cryptocurrencies are soaring and which are falling. Cointelegraph Markets Pro gives you information on volume, outlook real price, tweet volume, elevation and confidence, you can make informed decisions at any time.

What is a Crypto Scanner?

A crypto scanner is a tool you can use to spot activities and track the movement of various crypto assets. Traders can then use these movements as signals to execute different trade orders, which increases your odds of reaping profits. While price and volume are the most basic components to track, crypto scanners will also let you track overbuys and oversells, trade histories and more.

Most crypto scanners also incorporate an alerts functionality that notifies you about any market-changing movements as they occur.

Crypto Scanner vs Crypto Screener

The terms crypto scanner and crypto screener are often used interchangeably but don’t always mean the same thing. A crypto scanner is a tool traders use to spot and track activities on exchanges regarding one or multiple crypto assets and provide an alert on the same. A crypto screener lets you filter crypto assets based on user-defined metrics with the goal of finding the best trading opportunities.

Despite the difference, both a crypto scanner and crypto screener can help take the guesswork out of your trading.

Pros and Cons of Crypto Scanners

The best crypto scanners can be great additions to your trading strategy, but you must weigh the pros against the cons to decide if they are a perfect fit for your needs.

Minimizes emotional tradingRandom mishaps like downtime can occur
Real-time market data and price alertsPlatforms may be sophisticated for beginners
Improves market entry positionsNot all options are free
Preserves your trading discipline

How Does a Crypto Scanner Work?

With over 4,000 cryptocurrencies currently available across hundreds of exchanges, it would be almost impossible to catch a coin that’s moving without the right arsenal. Crypto scanners work by quickly looking through crypto exchanges for moving indicators like volume, price and technical indicators like RSI. 

With a crypto scanner, you can:

  • Identify where there’s the largest price and volume % change on all timeframes
  • See all RSI overbought/oversold cryptocurrencies
  • See where MACD crossovers are taking place on various timeframes

Obviously, this is already a great way to save time. In addition, you can set alerts to receive notifications for changes in a specific indicator you’re observing.

Cryptocurrency Trade Alerts

Crypto alerts help you identify the right time to purchase or sell crypto assets. They notify you of price actions, technical conditions or economic results that might impact the value of a crypto asset. 

Common types of alerts on crypto trades include:

  • Price alerts will notify you when an asset or the larger market moves by a certain percentage.
  • Technical indicator alerts will notify you when specific parameters of the technical indicators are met. This includes relative strength index (RSI) oversold or overbought.
  • Economic result alerts send a notification when there are upcoming economic events that can trigger movement in the crypto market. This includes investor purchases or interest rate announcements.

Are Crypto Scanners the Real Deal?

Crypto scanners can help take the guesswork out of cryptos, eliminate emotional trading and improve your odds through market real-time data and alerts. Scanning hundreds of exchanges for a hint of movement can be a pain. However, crypto scanners can improve your effectiveness in catching movements.

Even so, scanners are just one of the many pieces you must put together to succeed in crypto trading. Always be relentless in identifying tools and opportunities that will give you an edge over the overall market.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are the free versions of Crypto Scanners available?


Yes. You can access multiple crypto scanners without committing to a subscription plan. Unfortunately, this may come at the expense of limited features


Do crypto scanners support ETH/USDT pairs?


Most crypto scanners support ETH/USDT pairs. For instance, Cryptolume supports ETH/USDT pairs for Binance, Binance-US and Coinbase. 

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